Thursday, January 6, 2011


This run has been my staple first run as of late. I have to leave the house by ~6:30 in order to catch the sun breaking the horizon. It was 30 degrees in my pocket according to my altimeter.

Switch back #6 on the climb

Looking down on Green and Bear

Right on time

9092 feet elevation

I have a couple more workouts planned. Maybe more pics.


Dave said...

Awesome! I gotta make my way out west some time-you guys have all the good stuff out there in the mountains! Those switchbacks and views are only a dream out here on Long Guy-land... Gonna go cry on my trainer. :)

GeorgiaSnail said...

amazing views...thanks for the photos!

PatrickGarcia said...

Rehashing Lookout Mtn or White Ranch any time soon?

Lucho said...

I certainly could! My wife is working the weekend, but Monday, Tuesday morning, Wed/ Th I'm free. Pick a time. On Tuesday I have to be walking in my door at 11:30am.

Lucho said...

Dave- So sorry man. Yes, you need to make your way out West.

Thanks GeorgiaSnail and you're welcome!

Matt said...

With the perspective from those photos, given all that goes-on below you, all the little runners running up and down those little mountains (Green, Bear, etc.), you're like Zeus up on Mount Olympus.

I didn't even see the link on Scott's name and I was joking about Jurek, but you do have your hands on a pretty talented guy. Cool.

Keep up the good work, sober as a bell :)

Generally, how hard (pace) do you run those switchbacks?

Lucho said...

I'm in my full on MAF mode right now trying to get fast on the climbs at an easy effort. Right now I'm capping my HR at 150 which means jogging (not walking though).

J.P. Patrick said...

I was on the NW ridge of Green when you took that picture, probably staring in your direction wondering where all the winds came from!

Lucho said...

Ha! I always wonder who might be on Green when I look at it. And ya, it was/is damn windy. I'm heading out now for longish bike... should be fun. But at least it's damn cold.