Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday bike in pictures

The only pictures I took were of Mike's new ride... this is a bike done right. The new Dura-ace Di2 group is like electronic jewelry and his Kestrel is a sculpture. Beautiful! I played the role of evil coach and made Mike ride all of Lookout Mtn in his big ring with me. I wrecked myself yesterday with hill repeats followed by my best squat session yet so my legs were screaming at me. The temperature felt like 20 maybe.


The Di2 group is insanely cool.

Matte black accents on polished aluminum.


Dave said...

I think the coolest thing about the di2 is that you can change gears from the base bar as well. Well, that and the cool robot noise it makes when it's shifting:). I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Jeff Valliere said...

Very nice bike! I am still a bit skeptical of electronic shifting (battery life, performance in the rain(but I don't ride in the rain, nor can I afford new DA so I am not that worried )).

Lucho said...

Dave- Ya, you can see the shift buttons on the brake levers. The cranks are works of art! When Mike gets his new road bike, a 2011 Specialized Tarmac with the Di2, I'll post pics of that also.

Jeff- The battery life is exceptional. I've heard upwards of 100 HOURS per charge. Not sure about the rain thing but I would never ride that in the rain to find out!

Jeff Valliere said...

That is what always made me nervous about having expensive bikes ($5,000 retail in the 90's), always being a bit nervous of something happening to them or getting caught in the rain.... ;).

Now my "cheapy" ($3,000 retail) bike, I don't really care what happens, especially since I got it for MUCH cheaper than retail.

I am sure Shimano has improved electronic shifting dramatically since my experience with Mavic Zap in the early 90's (very crappy).

Lucho said...

Mavic Zap. Wow. I forgot about that! Now they have/had the Mektronic, the new version. Mavic makes damn solid rims.

mtnrunner2 said...

Nice ride, and sweet-looking components. Where do the laser beams come out?

The last time I bought a bike, Dura-Ace was a weird name that you suspected was being used because their regular supplier was out of stock (of course, Jimmy Carter was in office, too). That's my next major gear purchase, if can climb out of the ski money pit.

Lucho said...

Mt- You definitely don't need to drop a bunch of money if you are willing to check e-bay. You could easily get a high riced bike for cheap if you are willing to build it up from a frame... which is part of the fun.

Jeff Valliere said...

You can also find some sweet deals on Craigslist, you just have to know what exactly you are looking for and know how to tell if it is beat or not. You can easily score a $3,000-$5,000 bike for under $2k (or even $1.5k) if you are patient.