Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday rambling

Yesterday was a run and this morning was 6 X 1:30 Vo2 max hill intervals with a HR max of 183 (running) followed by dead lifts, squats, weighted pullups, calf raises and back planks to failure on 3 sets. In all I was able to wreck myself in less than 1 hour. Tomorrow I have a long mountain bike that is going to start from home, climb to Golden Gate Park, through Golden Gate trails, down to White Ranch, part of White Ranch and then return. Depending on how much of White Ranch I ride I am shooting for ~5 hours of riding and probably close to 8k of climbing or so. Thursday I am kicking around the idea of doing alternating laps on Walker with MT bike and running.
32 weeks until the Silver King.


Dave said...

I just hope I can use osmosis from reading to absorb some of your habitual dream crushing. Simply awesome.

Lucho said...

If that works... then I should be able to become a pretty awesome dude from your blog.

GZ said...

Tell me you win a flippin crown for being the Silver King. That and the buckle will make for a ROYAL Sweet outfit.

I did the same sort of repeats (a few more but a bit shorter in duration). Arse kickers. I was too messed up to even consider doing all that other exercise stuff. For now. I will see if I can build up to it so that I can earn a jester position in the King's court.

Well done.

Lucho said...

No crown. But I'll be satisfied with the record :)

The Vo2 max stuff is just a blast. Basically my only goal is to hit max effort on each. Even at the high altitude (these were run at ~8400 feet or so) oxygen is not a factor so the stimulation is effective. The weight session was very brutal after the run but a nice compliment. Squats and deadlifts are the shit.

Are you considering the Silver Rush 50?

GZ said...

Probably not. That would be the weekend between Barr Trail and the World Championships in Burro Racing. I know that sounds absurd.

Lucho said...

Absurd? Do you know who you're talking to? I love it!