Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday jog in pictures.

I headed out before the sun was up hoping to catch the sunrise but it was briefly beautiful and then turned quickly to gray. So I ended up mostly shooting some switchbacks and a weird tree. Kind of a boring photo day. 1:10 with 1400ft of climbing.

Every sunrise is spectacular.

 Looking towards Longs Peak which looked socked in with snow.

Green Mountain, Bear and South Boulder.

  Looking back to where I just was at 9200ft.

My driveway is just to the left.

 Funky tree that grew around a post or old tree.


Dave said...

BLOWN AWAY by the first picture. Love these posts all year, but especially as a finals study break :)

Lucho said...

How does one take a break from an eight-ball of Adderral? Clean the whole house twice and run 30 miles? You're going to crush your finals!