Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday 2:10 run

With the ever delightful GZ. Delightful in conversation but he did kind of put me through the ringer. I specifically said "mellow 1:00-2:00" and I ended up needing to stop talking and walk while he bounced along chattering away. Very motivating for me personally to see his amazing consistency coming out in his running.

 Friday was a long run in White Ranch at just under 3:00 and yesterday was a MS (max strength) lift followed by muscle endurance intervals on the bike. I built on to last week's session and rode 10 X 1:00 at 400-410 watts. On squats I could only repeat last week's 180 pounds X 6 reps, kind of bummed to not even get 5# more, but I barely got the last rep. My goal has been 205 pounds X 6 reps. Another 25 pounds is a monstrous leap though unless my mail order discounted steroids from Bolivia come soon. Otherwise I will opt for GZ's choice of PED... IPA. The 180 pounds made my ass cheeks quiver.  I may need to weight until next year for that one.


GZ said...

Umm - if I was bouncing it was because I had not done close to 8 hours of training in the two days prior ... (not counting the weight work).

Always awesome running with you.

Lucho said...

Nah, you were plainly stronger than me... great to see!