Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday day off

 Full rest day for me. My right achilles was tight last night and this morning I could feel a mild ache where it attaches to the calcaneous. Or the point just below this piercing... WTF?

2 long runs with over 7000 vertical combined this week stressed me enough to warrant a rest day. Staying healthy is the key to consistency and consistency is the key to reaching a goal. I have always viewed running or training 'streaks' (and achilles piercings) as being consistently foolish. It implies that listening to our body is not an option and our body knows more about what it needs than we do. Nearly every injury is preceded by a warning shot and if ignored then the next shot puts us down. I try to get athletes to look at the big picture of a season, not just days or even weeks... but good months. One day off or one great or horrible day is not a consistent record but just a very small part of the whole.


footfeathers said...

A guy on my team at work has "implants". I'm talking a pair of brass knuckles implanted under his skin on the top of his hand AND some weird shit implanted under the skin in his forearm, looks like the back of a dragon on his arm. Covered in tattoos and other mild piercings, ear circles, nose eyebrows. Parents must be proud.

Lucho said...

I've seen a lot of implants and that particular form of bodymod dates back thousands of years in a few of the Pacific Indian cultures. The thing I can't get over is the risk of infection. If the achilles pic is real then that will forever be an open wound susceptible to infection until you had it surgically closed. And can you imagine if you kicked the spike with your other foot?

Brass knuckles implanted under his skin? He probably thinks you're insane for running 100 miles :)

cdnhollywood said...

That is just effin wrong.

Lucho said...

On soooo many levels.