Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Long bike 4:40

Starting from home- Gross Dam Road/ Flagstaff/ 6th St up to Canyon/ Canyon/ Magnolia/ Peak to Peak/ 72 up the Col Du Wondervu to finish frozen in a blizzard.
6600 ft of climbing on the day and an average HR of 142. I love the climb up the tarmac on Magnolia. I had forgotten just how steep some of the switchbacks are.


PatrickGarcia said...

Damn G.

mtnrunner2 said...

Nice day out.

I have a good view of the foothills from work in Arvada, and I've been watching the snow hit up there today, wishing I could run in it. Maybe by tomorrow AM.

Lucho said...

Patrick- Not bad for early December. These rides are improving my run fitness incredibly well too.

mtrnr2- It was complete climatic chaos! I started out in overcast skies, it was obviously going to snow. As I headed up the back of Flagstaff I was stripping down because it was sunny and warm. Heading up Magnolia it started to get dark, then snow. By the time I hit Peak to Peak it was a blizzard. The last 11 miles were crazy cold! There's a 4 mile hard climb up to Wondervu and then I have a fast 3 mile descent to home but the roads were dry and there was no snow. I was just wet and descending at 30mph in 20 degree temps. Awesome though.