Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Conconi Test

 I jumped on the Computrainer and did my first Conconi lactate step test at high altitude. After having done maybe a hundred of these on myself over the years I no longer need to plot data points in to a graph to see the rough results. I look for three things; HR plateaus, ventilatory threshold and PE (perceived exertion). All three of these add up to give me a ballpark idea as to what my LT is right now. I crossed VT between 250-260 watts and my HR also plateaued right at 170 while PE jumped. I would guess my LT to be in the 167 HR range and ~250 watts or so. I'm still fairly sick and I am not rested so these factors are also considered. Plus my Computrainer sits at 8210 feet altitude which may have the biggest impact on lactate production. But for Leadville (if I get in) this test has more relevancy than a test at sea level would. After all, for Leadville it will be about how you perform at altitude.
 2:10 total ride time.

Pm) 4 mile jog. Walked a few hills to keep my HR under 145. 


GZ said...

I know you don't look it at this way - but what an endorsement. A 2x Kona champ calls you out in an interview as the guy he works with for strengthening?


Lucho said...

I felt cheesy touting it on here though so I took the quote down.

Tim was talking about how he became injured trying to push 150 mile run weeks when in actuality it might be better to replace some of that pounding with strength work. IMO- 1 hour of smart lifting in the weight room could replace 20-30 miles in a week and you might be better for it. You most certainly, with out doubt, would be healthier for it.