Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday ride in pictures

2:20 with 4200ft of climbing. 2 X 9000ft+ passes with snow.
Muddy dirt roads

About to tip over the Col Du Wondervu

Then continuing on up to 9200ft via the dirt.

I love switchbacks. Running, biking and photographing.

Roger's Pass getting dumped on.

Climbing up to 9000ft again. This is a road by my house.

Switch back trail for their front walk.

Starting to see the top. This was a ~8 mile climb with close to 2000ft of gain.

Coming back down

Back in my neighborhood

Snow starting to roll in fast

Looking up at my house getting snowed on

Home just in time


Ward said...

Nice little playground ya' got there! Awesome pics T!

mtnrunner2 said...

Looks like a great ride. Hope the drivers were cool, it gets a little tight there.

The view of the Indian Peaks at the top is fantastic, but there's nowhere to pull over for a picture at the spots I like. One of these days I'll park at the top and walk it (in the dirt trench that passes for the shoulder).

Lucho said...

Ya, I need to make sure I always see that. Taking my camera along on runs and rides does help me to SEE the beauty. There are miles and miles of dirt roads and hundreds of miles of trails up here. All out my front door.
Right now were in a brutal blizzard! Just an hour after my ride and we already have a couple of inches of snow... LOVE it.

Lucho said...

Mtnrunner- Highway 72 over Wondervu has a bit of traffic but not a lot after 9:00am. The second climb up Twin Spruce to Gap Road/ Golden Gate I saw maybe 2 cars the whole time.

PatrickGarcia said...

I love that house with a switchback front stoop. Classic. Bet that guy is a runner.

Lucho said...

There are a few driveways up here that are insane too. I'll try to get a pic of a couple. One of them has (I think) 5 switchbacks and you have to tilt your head back to see the home. I guess if you build on a cliff then that's what you do.

Rick said...

Isn't there a really good beer store at the bottom of that hill?

Lucho said...

We have only a few stores in our 'town' (we're unincorporated) and one of them is a great liquor store. Tons of IPAs. Both of these climbs start close to the liquor store.

Chris Lee said...

Man, with all of those dirt roads you are going to need some cross tires. Looks like you are running 23s on that machine; great for just road riding, but not so good on loose dirt. I have had great luck with my Mich Cyclocross Jets running the max 70psi. They roll great on the road and can handle just about anything off road after bringing the pressure down well under 50psi (I weigh about 150). I have not hit Walker yet, but I have ridden on all the trails around Dowdy Draw and Marshall Mesa. Get lots of looks from the mtn bikers for sure. And, riding a non-suspended bike will totally improve your bike handling for the stuff you will find at Leadville on your mtn bike. Your new Merlin Ti Ride is surely tough enough the handle anything...

Lucho said...

Chris- Nah, the road tires work fine. My handling issues are on a mountain bike down rock steps.