Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday week recap

 After a solid break I finally got out for a couple of jogs this week. I've been biking and lifting weights and that's helped in keeping my fitness adequate for now. My only planned race is in August. I've been focused entirely on other people's fitness with several new athletes and the Sunki Mountain Running Camp that Tim and I will be holding in May.
 My wife worked all weekend so I've had my boys more hours than usual this week. It's so difficult sometimes and it's manic. One minute they're both happy. The next Ben pushes Oliver and Oliver screams and then I give Ben a 'time out' and then he screams. The fun times definitely outweigh it all though. I can feel Ben already seeking my approval which challenges me more than I ever have been. He runs a lot and he always wants me to watch or run with him and I can see him watching me to see what I think. I find myself asking him 'do you like to run?' and his reply is always a short 'ya'. I am confident that I can eventually teach him to be his own man which is where my approval will be most fitting regardless of what he chooses.


Chris said...

My kids are about the same age as yours (2nd one is a girl). And you just described it perfectly! Yes, the good far out weighs the bad, but every second is always an adventure.


Lucho said...

Thanks Chris! Glad to hear I'm not alone.