Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday week recap

Monday 0 miles. Fish and camp with family.
Repeat Tuesday through Sunday night.

We have decided to extend the trip by 2 days. We had planned on coming home on Saturday but we got distracted and ended up on a jeep road at 11,000ft last night and couldn't leave. We popped down to town for provisions and are heading back up soon to spend Sunday night close to the Continental Divide. Maybe tomorrow we'll make it home.


Ward said...

Awesome... these are the kind of trips that you remember as you get older. I still remember my dad taking us fishing in the mountains in Idaho. Camping in a tent next to Redfish lake.. waking up in the morning and seeing bear tracks surrounding our tent.. some memories never leave you.. great bonding experience.

Dave said...

Dave's week recap:

Monday-Cup of coffee, check email and

Hope everything is amazing!

Footfeathers said...

Come back!
Does that sound too demanding?

Trigirlpink said...


You promised. :-)

Lucho said...

Ward- Thanks man... I have similar memories and think of them often when I'm with my sons. Always lots of doubts though. I hope they look back at me as a good father.

David- Dammit! You found my secret underground fetish blog! You're clever.

TGP- Definitely ASAP! I wish I had your sweet camera for the trip though! And your skills in using it!

Lucho said...

Tim- It's alright... I'm here.