Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday hill repetitions

 3 miles uphill run as 40"/ 40"/ 1:20 at close to max efforts. HR topped out at 181 on the last long interval (which ended at 9200ft altitude) with a feeling as if my stomach needed to empty. For all my big talk on MAF... damn I love to run hard. And not just hard but fast! On the way home I was dropping down to 5:10-5:20 pace for brief periods and it felt so good.
 All of this lines up with next year's goals. I'll be a masters runner so of course a late season marathon is on the card and so is a Spring marathon. Most likely Phoenix since I've run it before (in 2:30 while training for an Ironman). In between will be at least one 50 mile race with which I have a score to settle, and possibly a shot at GZ's girl as long as he doesn't get jealous. She's a mean one her.


GZ said...

Definitely not jealous - there is more than enough of her to share.

Stoked that you and Tony both mention this on your goal list for next year within 24 hours of each other. You thinking PPA or PPM?

Oh yeah - I have something up on my blog about Green how it might predict for Pikes ascent times.

Dave said...

Reminds me of our run together where you played that game where I dictated the start of the interval on the climb. Notably, you dictated the freaking crushing my dreams after I thought I was dropping you.

Oh, but those glorious sprints at the end atoned for my humiliation. Well, maybe not atoned, but at least sucker punched.

Lucho said...

Thanks Gz- she does have a fat ass :)

Dave- That was a fun run. You are so smooth at 5:00 pace! I only stood half a chance when the road pitched up... otherwise I was toast.