Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday 5 mile hill tempo

Here is the route profile for the workout. From my front door it drops 1150feet to the turn around. I'm lucky to live in a place with this option. I can just as easily reverse this and climb to 9200ft from my door.
 The loose goal was to run MAF down to the 5 mile point, then turn around and run tempo back up. I didn't look at HR once, instead I tried to hold my effort on the edge of wanting to slow down but not needing to. Ventilatory threshold is another gauge for this effort.

10 miles total in 1:09:59. Average pace 6:59 (barely). I will admit that near the end I was racing the clock and well over threshold. Average HR 162

The first 5 miles

The second 5 with 1150ft of gain.

My trusty ATF8 altimeter.


Emz said...


a hill & tempo workout in ONE?!

sounds like death - but as usual you killed IT.

Rick said...

Would you consider a w/u down to 7,200', then a tempo up to 9,200', then a c/d back to the frontdoor for some hot cocoa?

Lucho said...

E- Ya, you can work several different systems in one session. The tempo long run is my favorite and also critical to marathon performance. Thanks!

Rick- I do have a route that drops down to 6800ft (down to Walker Ranch then go left) and then climbs back up to 10,500ft. I ran it once during my Leadville prep. Then it's a gnarly scamper through the back woods to get home to the cocoa :)

Matt said...

Seems like a perfect grade for that kind of workout.

Are we going to see a retro Lucho phase with those crazy low HR at tempo-like pace as you get ready for marathon? Or maybe the new address just discourages much of that?

Lucho said...

Matt- I think I have come to terms with living in a brutally hilly and high environment. My issue with Chicago was entirely mental so maybe this time around will be different. I am going to use the marathons as a platform for my training is all.

Rick said...

My favorite tempo run in CO wass a 3,000' tempo. I can almost relate to your 6800-10500 (3700') tempo, we'd probably finish at the same time feeling the same way!

Lucho said...

I doubt it after your 150k of climbing!