Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday run in pictures...

Self timer with the camera on a rock.

Dead tree.

A cloudy start.

Looking back down my road.

Then climbing above the clouds in to the sun. Pure bliss.

Love this shot. The clouds were literally flowing through our canyon. Violent and peaceful... this reminds me of waves crashing on a shoreline.

One of my favorite shots.

Different camera setting.

This is the tip of Green Mountain.

Big switch back at 8900ft.

This picture is pretty cool... look at the road towards the bottom of the picture. That's my neighborhood. It's like peeking under the layer of clouds... a perfect cross section. Two completely different worlds.

Sunrise in front... then turn around to see this. The Divide.

This camera setting was kind of cool.

Green Mountain waking up in black and white.

With out clouds this would be the Denver skyline. I like this better.

Jeep road.


FatDad said...

Unbeleiveable. So beautiful, man.
If you keep posting photos like these, you wont be isolated much longer. I'm with JW, makes a log cabin look pretty sweet.

Lucho said...

Ya, I am still amazed and blown away at times. I love it up here!

gcckjs said...

The timed photo looks like you are carrying a ball of fire energy under your right armpit. Similar to FatDad's comment... my Bride and I long ago talked about moving to the mountains. You're waking up an old dream of ours with these pics. Thanks for posting!

Ward said...

Thanks for my Colorado fix... dude those pics are AWESOME!

Ironboom said...

Amazing photos Lucho! Especially like the Self-timer Running Man shot, but they're all money. What type of camera are you using?

Lucho said...

G- Thanks. I like the ball of fire idea. Now is the time to buy out here for sure! You can easily get property and a home for a steal. We bought our home for ~100k under it's appraisal value.

Cheers Ward!

Ironboom- Thanks- I use a Canon SD1200 IS Elph. It's a tiny point and shoot but it kicks total butt. I can carry it in my jacket pocket or my little waist pack. Today I played around with different programs which is why there is some repetition. The self running shot is definitely a keeper! That was the very first attempt too. I think it will be my new header pic.

Anonymous said...

wow! you certainly have a good eye.

keith_S said...

Simply fantastic...awe inspiring.

No words really to accurately describe how beautiful an area you live and run in.

mtnrunner2 said...

Great pictures. The above-the-clouds shots are just surreal.

The weather today down next to the foothills was really strange. There was a haze everywhere, like early morning fog, but it lasted all day. I think the whole cloud layer just descended to between 6k-8k feet.

Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and warm, and I can't wait.

Lucho said...

Thanks Donna!

Keith- I agree. The pictures do enough with out words.

M- I started running in the fog with no sun and broke through above the layer. I reminded me of a marine layer in California.

Trigirlpink said...

Hummmm... your camera skills are coming along nicely! Amazing place you live in. Looking forward to getting a glimpse of it in October. I hope the fires are out and all is safe.

Lucho said...

Thanks TGP- The fires are all out for now! Hopefully it will stay that way.

Chris Lee said...

Awesome. What would you be doing with a full SLR?

Lucho said...

Chris- I probably wouldn't run with an SLR. I also doubt I would be able to use it as it was intended as I am electronically challenged. But thank you! How are you doing?

Ryan Weeger said...

these are some seriously awesome photos. everything worked perfectly in alot of those.

Lucho said...

Thanks Ryan... beginners luck.

Pantheon said...

Nothing beats the self timer shots. Love it!

Beautiful scenery - unbelievable colors!

Aaron said...

wow...that's a sweet self-timer shot you nabbed there. Ditto on the rest of the cool shots also.

You refer to 'MAF' a lot in talking about training, I'm really curious what that stands for/means?

Lucho said...

Thanks Aaron~

MAF is a a term that refers to the level of intensity that is ideal for teaching your body to utilize fat as fuel (and not carbohydrate). It stands for 'maximum aerobic function' and you figure it (too) simply by subtracting your age from 180 (heart beats)... so a 40 year old runner would use a HR range of 140 (+/- 5 beats... or 135-145) as their base training HR zone.

I use that term very generically and I most often times use a level of intensity based on lactate threshold.If my athlete doesn't know their LT then I start them off by using MAF. Then as I get to know them better I adjust the range.


GZ said...

Aaron - you up for a run this week?

Reference material regarding fixed heart rate running ... (although a bit old now):

Aaron said...

Lucho - Thanks for the clarification. That makes the other info I've heard from you and GZ make more sense.

GZ - Yes I was up for a run this week (but I didn't check back in here until now so now the week of running is over for me). But I'd love to get out with you this coming week...let me know!