Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Group run Saturday

North Table Mountain in Golden. 8:00am or earlier if that works better for others.
 The workout is 20:00 warm-up. Then stretching and strides. Then hill intervals. I will be using a weighted Camelbak on the first and last sets. Bring an empty pack if you like.

The ladder is:
30"/ 45"/ 1' with weighted pack.
1'/ 1:30/ 2:00/ 2:00/1:30/ 1' no pack.
1'/ 45"/ 30" with the weighted pack.

Recovery after each is jogging back to the start and then once HR drops below MAF.

Cd) is as long as you like. There are about 8 miles of trails around Table Mountain.


Rick said...

I'll be there. I'll bring the rocks, they are heavier in NC.

Lucho said...

Awesome! I put a 6ft length of log chain in my camelbak.
Wish you could make it!

Dave said...

/puts on nerd glasses

IN FACT, the rocks are heavier by .06% of their mass here in North Carolina.

/misses science
//adjusts suspenders
///Law school can suck it

P.S. Lucho, you will be THE BEST at short trail races if you ever go down that path. Just sayin....

Footfeathers said...

I'll be running dainty at walker ranch Sunday wearing a heavy singlet.

BTW, if you're interested in some night miles, I'm running the boulder 100 on the 16th and would welcome some company for a few laps. It's basically a bit longer version of the distance classic 10k we did. Pacers are welcome to the aid station fare.

Lucho said...

But at 8000ft I get 25% less oxygen with every breath :)

Tim- 24 hours of Boulder? I can barely make it 5 minutes in Boulder before wanting to leave. But maybe I can get down to do a lap or two. How far is each lap?

Rick said...

The 6 foot chain is a good idea. This way if you saw a Jeep stuck out there you could pull 'em out.

Footfeathers said...

I'm doing the 100 miler not 24 hrs. Laps are 7.2 mi.

Pacers are allowed at 7pm-on.