Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week in a few pictures

This morning was spent pulling a draw knife and stripping bark from logs for bunkbeds that I'm making for the boys.


Emz said...


I'm making myself a t-shirt that says that "...don't feed me I'm [trying] to be on a balanced diet."

Love the photos. It's really fall THERE. We are still pulling in 110 degree temps. YAY for endless Summers!! :(

Lucho said...

110? Yikes. 80 sounds too hot to me.

Anonymous said...

am in the market for a new, small digital cam. care to share which one you are using? colors come out pretty nice and so does the resolution.

Lucho said...

Canon SD1200 IS Elph.
Affordable and portable and it takes killer pictures. I've run hundreds of miles with it and it seems to be holding up well.