Thursday, September 30, 2010

Custom Nikes and secret trails.

I ran around Gross Reservoir this morning. The short route took 3 hours with incredible possibilities for an epic long run.
And Nike sent me a pair of free shoes from their Nike ID program... pretty sweet Pegasus.

My trails shoes... black on black.


Dave said...

Awesome trails! Love the shots! Do the Pegasus have lunar foam or are they still air? I have an old pair that have been awesome for the trail. Great shoe and I can see why they've lasted for so long in Nike's lineup.

Anonymous said...

okay i HAVE to come out and run those trails. My God! Felt great on my run today. Thanks!
Eric in MN

Lucho said...

Dave- I don't think it's Lunar foam, but they are damn light and quite cushioned. I am a huge Lunar fan and the Pegasus+27 might be as good. We'll see!

Come on out Eric!

Brett said...

I have a black on black pair of Vomero 5+. They are neutral plus cushioned shoes and I love them. I have worn nothing but Vomeros for about 2-3 years now. I love the shoes!

Lucho said...

Brett- It looks like the Pegasus has a very similar sole to the Vomero. Nike definitely does a lot of things right.