Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The pressure tank for our well seems to have a leak. The pump is cycling every 2"-3" when a faucet is on and every minute when no water is being used. Which means the tank isn't holding pressure. So today I was at Lowes and priced a new tank and bought an extension ladder and stained most of the upper reaches of the house finally. Tomorrow I am buying the new tank and plumbing it in. Then I'll finish the French drain (I need a pickup load of pea gravel is all) but I am going to also put a vapor barrier against the foundation and seal it with tar in hopes of really keeping moisture from moving in to the concrete.
 I also stopped by the thrift store and found two fairly nice fishing rods and reels plus a tackle box all for $21.00 total. I think for the rest of the year rather than spend my energy on running I will spend it on taking my sons fishing. 


Anonymous said...

we spent the better part of the last week replacing an alternator in the '78 vw van we restored. we're going to spend the next year teaching our teenage daughter everything she needs to know about cars. it's not fishing but we hope it will be one of the most practical things she'll learn during high school.

Lucho said...

Awesome Donna! That's something she will use forever. Our near future plans are to buy land (more than we have now) and build a cabin. 100% of it by our own hands with the boys.