Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday a little free flowing thought

Steady day of manual labor which makes me happy. Give me a hammer or a wrench (an ax very soon) and put me outside and I'm as happy as a pig in shit. Sit me in front of a computer for 30 seconds and I feel my life wasting away. I feel so completely free now that Leadville is over.... nothing on the horizon feels warm and cozy. I'm very much at peace if that is my last ultra. I've been pushing my body very hard for the last 14 years with most of that at the elite level of Ironman... I'm tired. My body is tired. My brain is tired. Yet I crave running like a good coffee or a good beer (IPA of course, which I have maybe had too many of this evening. But I did have one for TimGZ and Matt :) )... it's just such a fine thing to be able to do what we do and when you live where I do it's even sweeter. I'm anxious to run again and I think I'll get out tomorrow for some meditation in the mountains. Left... right... left... so simple but not really. It is what sustains much of the animal world. The wolf. The lion. The cheetah. All run to eat. They run to SURVIVE (imagine that). Take it away and it changes everything even for us... it changes who we are. I see so many people so far from the animal world and I don't think that's a good thing. To race or not to race... that is the question that I don't care about right now. My ego is just fine.
 Next up is elk/ deer season and the potential for a freezer (we have a large floor freezer) full of meat. I wonder if I can pack 150 pounds of meat on my back 5 miles out of the wilderness? Now that sounds like a challenge.


Wassdoc said...

Are you going to use a bow and arrow, or just wrestle the deer/elk?

Footfeathers said...

I thought I was going to end up carrying 150 lbs of meat the last five miles of Leadville. ;-)

Give it a couple of weeks and your thoughts will be more like, "I wonder how fast tim and I could run the Colorado trail...?"

Don't disappear just yet; you gotta help me get ready for Bear.

Lucho said...

Mike- A sharp stick should work fine! But probably a rifle this fall and a bow next year.

Tim- HA! No doubt... that was close. I think you did offer to carry me. I'll definitely be running! And probably a lot... just not interested in racing. I like the idea of the Colorado Trail for sure.

GZ said...

Screw the bow or the rifle. Go Bruce Lee style with a ping pong ball.

Brett said...

I thought about you - around 2 minutes in it says something about killing Pandas.