Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby fox.

We've been adopted by one of Olivia's pups. My son has named him (?) Rudi. He's been hanging out pouncing on grasshoppers and watching the boys with ever increasing curiosity. Today Rudi walked up to me and sniffed at me from arms reach. He's itty bitty... smaller than our cat at maybe 5-6 pounds and ten inches high.


keith_S said...

Simply beautiful. As a child in south Texas, living in the "country", we had many unique "pets". Raccoons, a fox, armadillos (don't even ask), a deer for almost 2 years (never tied or fenced), a turtle for 10+ years, horses, plus the veritable dogs and cats. The best were the "wild" ones and they were free to come and go as they saw fit.

chr15 said...

He's beautiful. What a gift!