Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday at the lake.

 The new header picture is one of my favorites. It's so completely basic in nature. It's why we exist... the survival of the fittest. 

I love being a stay at home dad. I am a work in progress in regards to being the father I want to be. Just as soon as I figure something out these little wonderful people up and change on me. Seeing Ben trying to teach Liv and then seeing Liv look up to Ben and try to emulate him is priceless. Today we went to the lake behind our house.


The picture doesn't show it well but the water was swirling with gold dust. I think it is pyrite or fools gold? But the water was glittery.


My sweet boy Liv (short for Oliver)


And I got a few pieces of wood while I was there.

Tim Long, my pacer for Leadville, was off work today and came up to the homestead and we tried to discuss tactics and logistics. Between 2 kids and a guy giving me a new furnace estimate we got little accomplished. We ended up having a beer and laughing a lot which in the end may just be how I race Leadville. This could very well be the most relaxed and unstressed I've ever been for any race. That is odd to me and at the same time extremely comforting. I'm far from nervous and have no feelings of anxiety or doubt and when I look inside and picture the run... it's all smooth and happy and good.


GZ said...

1.) Amen, amen, amen. Relax.

2.) Pyrite = FeS. Lots of that in these hills versus Au.

3.) I am pretty sure it is not an issue, but let me know if you ever need wood. If willing to haul (and maybe cut), I have more than you could burn (well, unless you are in that sauna contest).

4.) Thanks again for the run yesterday. I yearn for more of those moments (except the fall part).

footfeathers said...

I think we got the essentials down. Fun afternoon!

Lucho said...

G- I would be interested in bringing my axe and a case of IPA up to your cabin one weekend and loading the truck with some logs. Maybe the tent and the family too? Could be fun! Have to do it soon though, I can feel fall creeping up already.

Tim- We can figure the rest out in Winfield on Saturday afternoon.

keith_S said...

I love the way your blog throws it all out there, good, bad, and ugly. Glad to see your writing (blogging?) back to it's former state, it's why I follow it daily. I wish you the best in Leadville, if you have fun, you will do well (no matter how you finish).

And the IPA thing I am learning, I am currently stuck in the RIS stage and loving it. I have a bottle of Czar Imperial Stout from 2009 I am going to sample this evening.

Lucho said...

Thanks Keith!
I've never had a RIS but I do like stout. I'll check it out for sure.

Matt said...

Liv. My son has numerous nicknames. But generally, I've called him Bo for "years." Wife calls him Goose; but she calls him Livs occasionally too, short for Goose Livers. He appreciates the names though he never really mentions it.

Wish I could help out with the wood and ipa.

And great to hear the prep is going well. TL seems a solid guy to have on the trail, or on the bar stool next to you after the top 5 finish.

Get it, dog.

Lucho said...

Thanks Matt! Should be pretty epic!

Trigirlpink said...

What a lake. You are so lucky to have that so close. The kids are so darn cute. It's always fun to see them on your blog. They are lucky to have you around them as much as you are.

For that, you will be just rewarded and NAIL it in Leadville. Of course all your hard work and dedication will certainly contribute to this justified success. :-)

Lucho said...

Thank you so much TGP!