Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday new hill climb PR

 Another HUGE PR on this 2.5 mile climb. In the last 3 weeks I have gone:
2.5 miles at ~7% average grade topping out at 9200ft.


Wassdoc said...

Do you think that you should avoid grocery shopping:)?

It always amazes me how easy it is to turn wrong, step wrong, have someone run into you with a shopping cart (that one happened to me once a couple days before a big race). Oh well, that's life.

Remarkable therapy as well!

Lucho said...

Thanks Mike- Didn't you also step off a curb wrong once and torque a rib?
Ya, the therapy was one I will never give to an athlete. No way though, with just 5 days to go for Leadville, was I going to sit around and wait for it to get better!

J.P. Patrick said...

It's because in the mountains at 9000 ft, even the grocery store floor are steep!! Be careful, man! See you Saturday!

Brandon Fuller said...

Just sit in a chair in a dark room and don't move. Hold position until Saturday. Almost there.

Lucho said...

Thanks JP.

Lucho said...

Seriously Brandon, that's about how I feel for this coming week.

JK1 said...

crazy because my PR for that course is 19:38 at one heart beat lower that yours.

Good luck.

Lucho said...