Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday long run in pictures.

Up and over the Continental Divide. 4:00 total run time, 4300ft of climbing to 12000+ altitude. This trail is about 15:00 drive time behind my house.
My new carbon water filter... we'll see in a day or two if it worked.
I took this through my sunglasses lens. I see the world in sepia. Polarized glasses at high altitude are a must in my opinion.

This shot is cool. All the switch backs and then the trail waaaaay down below. The picture does the actual thing about 1% justice.

You can see the trail I took. That bowl is massive!

Winter Park. I spent 4 winters on the top of that resort. 3 summers on the trails.

I'm totally serious.

To the left is Pacific, to the right is Atlantic.

It was chilly on top! 58 degrees.


Emz said...


Photos of YOU?!?!? Fun post! Amazing place to LIVE!!!~!


Ward said...

Absolutley incredible.... I'm packing my bags now!

GZ said...

Is this heading out of 4th of July TH?

Cool shot on the sunglasses. The rest just suck.

Anonymous said...

Damnit man! Take me next time!

skatona said...

What trail is that?

Dave said...

Always love these posts, really great pictures/run!

Were you in the James Peak area? Looks really beautiful, I definitely want to get out there before I head back east.

Lucho said...

GZ- That's Rogers heading up in to the James Peak Wilderness. Not far from 4th of July at all! Maybe just a couple of miles really?

Tim- I may be running from home to Winter Park and back this weekend if you want to skip your race? 2 days, about 60 miles or so over this pass.

Skatona- I parked in Rollinsville but you can park at the East Portal and head up the trail from there. Rogers Pass.

Dave- Next Wednesday?

Emz- That's as good as it gets.

Ward- Bring some warm gear!

Anonymous said...

incredible vistas! btw, where do you store your camera while you're running?

Dave said...

Doooode! So awesome! I could live for the rest of my life with those mountains, a mountain bike, and a pair of trainers. Thanks for sharing a little slice of heaven! Great pics!


Lucho said...

Cool Dave, glad you enjoy them so much!

Anon- I have an old Nathan waist pack that is really small, maybe just 3" X 6". It's neoprene and holds the camera and a gel. I love that thing.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks for sharing those Amazing photos. I'm so excited to be moving to Colorado in 2 weeks!

Lucho said...

Brad- Awesome! You'll have plenty of people to connect with! Have you found a place yet?

Brad Poppele said...

Tim, I'm flying out Tuesday for a couple of days to find a place in the Colorado Springs area. I will drive out on August 2. I look forward to meeting you finally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
Eric in MN here. WOW! You should think about running tours for those of us who have to take vacations to run in places like that!! I would LOVE to run that. Do you know these places ahead of time or do you just find a trail and go? WOW!

Kevin said...

Thanks for the pictures, again you make me jealous. I ran in 80 F at 5 AM with 95% humidy and 23 ft elevation change!

Lucho said...

Brad- The Springs will be awesome!

Eric- I have run this same trail before but this is only one trail of MANY in the James Peak Wilderness. I imagine one could run for months and not hit the same one twice. Around my house there are still many miles of trail I haven't been on. A tour or camp would still be something I would like to put on. Not sure how.

Kevin- Yikes! That's brutal man. This run was simple compared to any run you do!

mtnrunner2 said...

That trail looks absolutely awesome, perfect alpine singletrack. Gotta do it. Devil's Thumb is great but that looks even better.

>Nathan waist pack... It's neoprene

I need that. The stuff in my hip pack gets soaked.

Lucho said...

I usually put my camera in a plastic baggy just in case, but the neoprene does pretty good.