Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday baby jogger + baby foxes

8 miles with 1444 feet of climbing pushing a 100+ pound jogger. This not only completely shattered my best baby jogger time for this run but also my lowest HR yet. 11:23 average pace with an average HR of just 138 and we climbed up to over 9000ft altitude.
 I'm still amazed at just how difficult the baby jogger is (duh) and the downhills are even harder than the ups! On a few switchbacks I have to really slow the jogger down in order to make the turn and it fires literally every muscle from my upper back to my toes like I am in the gym doing power cleans. And on the longer uphills my lower abdominals start to burn.  Love it! Both boys slept quite soundly the entire run... look at the temperature on the altimeter, 68 degrees! It was cool and quiet (we have zero traffic up here).

Our girl Olivia had babies and brought them by to meet us! Notice how she (Olivia is the one sitting in the grass) never takes her eyes off of us though. Good mother.

And this is mommy Olivia.


Anonymous said...

and that's the shed I'd be living in? Just call me grizzly adams.

Lucho said...

Grizzly Adams paying zero rent! That's a smart grizzly.

Anonymous said...

Ever seen Mr. Fox, actually?


Lucho said...

Probably. There are several fox in the neighborhood.