Friday, July 23, 2010


Am) Bike- 15:00 warm-up. Then 3 X 15:00 alternating 3:00 at 260 watts (90 revs)/ 1:00 at 300 watts ME/ 1:00 at 320 watts standing ME.
 In between each 15:00 interval was 3 X 25 front squats (which are a b!tch) with 75 pounds.

 My legs feel awesome but I want to save them for the weekend which should be solid. My wife works so I will be doing my usual afternoon 100 pound double baby jogger runs with 1000+ ft of climbing. Maybe a long tempo run on Sunday morning too.


John said...

Not sure what the purpose of your blog is, but I can say this for sure: days when I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to get out there, you get me going. :)

100lbs up 1000'... I can barely push 50lbs down the aisle at CostCo.

Lucho said...

Thanks for the good word. I live up near Nederland in the hills. My regular baby jogger run goes up to 9000ft altitude :)

Matt said...

Lucho, looks solid and glad the knee is "back."

Quick question: nagging hamstring issue. Going to take some easy days. Any thoughts on therapy (nagging but not an outright pull)?

Is it as simple as rest?

Lucho said...

Matt- As an athlete I say take 3 days off completely and if this doesn't heal it completely then run through it. If it isn't pulled and is just a mild strain then you should be ok. Avoid running fast though as this stretches out your stride and hamstring and places stress on it. Keep the runs easy with a high cadence so you limit the length of extension.

If it doesn't alter your stride or isn't getting worse then ignore it.
Massage instead of stretch.

ghostfeather said...

And to add to the hammy advice from Timw, avoid running descents as this is the motion that puts the most stress on that muscle.

Lucho said...

Agreed... keep it flat. No sense in adding stress. You want to minimize risk and maintain fitness until this thing blows over.