Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday again

After today I have more than my requisite 14 hours for the week and I feel awesome. Today I got caught on Walker Ranch in a fairly solid downpour of snow/ rain mix and it was amazing. I crested a ridge and my entire valley was shrouded in thick clouds and mist and it was biting cold. The kind of cold though that isn't uncomfortable but makes you feel alive. I will miss Winter! 

I packed up all of our camping gear tonight for a 3 day trip to Fruita and possibly Buena Vista. At the race that I DNF'ed in because I was a moron last Saturday I saw a ton of great camp sites on the trail and I would love to go back and explore some more. Fruita though is first and I can see us staying there for all 3 days because it's kick ass. The trails are spectacular and I've run every mile of the 18 Road system North of Fruita and I can't wait to run them again this weekend.
Trails like Zipity-Do-Daa. Here's a couple pics:

Chutes and Ladders. The Edge which is well over 20 miles long and has a waterfall that you have to climb/ descend via a rope. Here's a pic:
 and The Vegetarian Loop (where I usually eat a Veal Powerbar with a Gravy Gu). I won't post until Sunday probably, but afterward I'll have a ton of great pictures!


Matt said...

Awesome. Camel-back-up and take-off.

I think if you keep running like this, the races will have a tougher time "getting in the way."

In races, you need that trance you apparently find in training. I think you can pretty much run the socks off of anyone if you just bliss-out .. . .

Have fun this weekend!

Emz said...

OKay - I think I'm your happiest! seriously!! I'm so happy to really "see" where you do all this freaking crazy running.

Oh and guess who got a Bushmaster .450 --- uhhh ya for "mother's day" [right]. Have I turned white trash or what?!

Lucho said...

White trash!? Hell no girl! I grew up with an AR-15 varmit rifle and also a Mosin-Nagant (ca. 1940) sniper rifle in 7.62mm. Awesome rifle. In the right hands it was a bad ass gun in WWII. In my hands it was about as good as a baseball bat:) We used to shoot prairie dogs which were a huge nuisance to the ranchers.
Awesome mother's day gift!