Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 4:25

4:25 with 6539ft of ascent. Got caught in a blizzard in the last 4 miles. Felt very good today on the descents. Better than yesterday.
The route today was home- Walker- Green X2 and back. Somewhere between 25-30 miles.
And I have over 14 hours for the week already with a fairly bad ass 3 day camp planned out on the trails of Fruita.


skatona said...

I see what you're doing. You're trying to get the monkey off your back by running it to death. That monkey let go 5 hours in to yesterday's run I assure you.

Emz said...

Omg - I am "glock girl"?!??? Loving that. Completely made my day.

Ok so I googled your "backyard". Insane.

Ya- and I was freaking about my 1800' gain on my marathon last Saturday. Am I a wimp or what?!

Freaking amazing.

Lucho said...

Shaun- I ended up eating the monkey at mile 35 yesterday.

GG- I'm a handgun nut. I'm saving my pennies for a Sig Arms P229 40. caliber. Bad ass. I've fired a few Glocks too, nice handguns.
1800ft is a crap load for a marathon! Nice!

Rick said...

Hey Emz, aka GG, unless they changed the Whiskey Row course in the past few years you had almost 4,000' of climbibg in the marathon!
Nice back/back long runs Tim!

Lucho said...

Rick- 4000... now that's crazy for a marathon race. So EMZ (GG) you are a bad ass!
Thanks Rick.

Coach Ian said...

Sounds like a great run!! I turn to slug boy once the gradient starts to increase!

Lucho said...

When I lived on the flats I was a slug on the climbs. Now I think I'm in the middle. Not great but not leaving slime trails either :)

Brett said...

That is crazy ironic - I had a 4:25 run yesterday too? What are the odds. I was done around 5:15.

Yea I was gonna say that all that is left of the monkey is the leash dragging on the ground. I'm sure he gave up quite a few miles back.

Emz said...

Bad ass? I'm copying this comment & sticking it all over my wall.

Lucho said...

Seriously! That marathon was tough and you ran well.