Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Camp recap

 We drove out to Fruita on Friday morning and set up camp and proceeded to have an amazing and fun weekend. I ended up blowing off my run to hang with my boys and my girl and drink a couple of beers by the camp fire watching the sun set over the desert. Saturday I was up early and ran The Edge Loop. I brought my camera but it stayed in my pack, sorry. The desert was starting to bloom with flowers. The sunrise would make me believe in God if my two sons didn't already. Awesome run with two 2000+ foot climbs in some amazingly isolated canyons. No one for miles and miles. I got back right at noon (yep- another very long run for the week) and my wife took off for a several hour mountain bike. The rest of the day we hiked and lounged and Ben even got to see real dinosaur bones still in the ground. Sunday we all slept in, broke camp and did a small town tour all the way home stopping in several little, unnoticeable dots on the map and playing in their parks with the boys. The drive home took us 11 hours (normally 3.5 hours). I did get quite a few pictures from the trip but not a one is of my run, just the boys and my wife. I'll save those back and be selfish.   


mike_hinterberg said...

Sweet pics, Lucho! X-linked from reading GZ's blog.

Any suggestions on good campsites near Fruita? Thinking about heading there with the wife imminently...BLM/open camping/away from (other) drunken yahoos is what I'm looking for...


Lucho said...

We drive up 18 road and there is a small, jeep type road that forks off about ~3-4 miles up on your right. There is tons of car camping in there but it isn't too quite. You'll be ~20-30 meters from other campers. This is the only place we've ever camped in Fruita. Have fun!

mike_hinterberg said...

Thanks! We may end up there this wknd, weather's looking good.

Best in the Jemez recovery -- you still had a helluva good time for hating the hiking, and props on seeing it through!