Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday 6:15 run.

6:15 total run time/ 8850 feet of climbing. Maybe 30-35 miles (but could be closer to 40)? I'm obviously not for sure how far this was. I started from home then hit Walker up "Tony's Trespass Traverse" over to Bear Peak West Ridge to Bear Peak (summit #1), down Fern to Mesa to Chataqua up Gregory to Ranger (not Greenman?) to summit Green. Then Green Bear to Bear Canyon and then up Fern to Bear Peak again (summit #2) then down Shadow Canyon to Old Mesa to Eldorado, up Eldorado around Walker and home... or something like that. 3 gels and 40oz of water.  

Total ascent

Total time. I stopped less than 5:00 (with out doubt) so I'll call this 6:15 run time.


skatona said...

Let's just call it an even 700 miles.

I ran 2.5 yesterday....scared?

Brett said...

Why don't you just take 1 or 2 easy days and then just show up for your next marathon race as a training run.

What a cool run. I'd be geeking out on map my run with a satellite overlay trying to figure all that out!

What an awesome day. Its flat here, 85F, humid, and I'm jealous.

Emz said...

Holy crap. I have no clue where any of that is . . but . . my legs hurt just reading it.

Nick said...

Wow - killer run. That's the attitude you need when 'racing'.

Lucho said...

Shaun- 700 sounds good :)

Glock girl- This is basically my back yard- type in Boulder Mountain Park in to Google.

Brett- I used to totally do that. I would have worn my Garmin and gotten HR data. Today was just awesome cruising up in the hills not sure where the hell I was. Fun!

Nick- Seriously!!! I definitely need a 100% complete LACK of focus on my races.

GZ said...

That is great. We saw that road yesterday from the top of Bear so you just went and did it. That is great.

How about that down on Fern? And that up? I imagine things were pretty wet in Bear Canyon?

Gregory to Ranger and then if you take hard right - that is Greenman. If you saw a lot of snow / ice, then you went Greenman. If you went up Ranger all the way, it is mostly clear of the white stuff.

Lucho said...

Man, Fern was pretty brutal. Especially coming back up at ~4:30 in to the run! Down Shadow was pretty sketchy too on tired legs.
Everything was fairly clear of snow and what little there was had dirt over it so it wasn't slick. I'm flirting with the idea of doing the same route tomorrow :) Legs feel good!

Dave said...

I can't even sleep for 6:15 without waking up to pee. My 21 year-old bladder has less motivation than you, and I have to walk down the hall to a co-ed bathroom.

Also, I thought of you during my hard longer run on Tuesday. In between thoughts of CRUSHING YOUR DREAMS (ed's note: hahahaha) I realized that I have no idea how you get through these runs on so few calories. Does going into such a deficit hurt your recovery? Do you make up the calories later?

kerrie said...

wtf? aren't you and your cankles supposed to be resting/recovering this week??

Trigirlpink said...

I don't get how you can accomplish that on a couple of gels and water without a serious calorie deficit and looming bonk. You know, when you are dreaming of marshmallows and gummy bears or better yet, a bag of sugar with a funnel to your mouth kind of bonk.

Lucho said...

Dave and TGP- The calorie thing is somewhat genetic but it is also very much trainable (although training the ability to not eat isn't necessarily the healthiest thing). It also has a lot to do with the effort of the run and also metabolic and biomechanical economy (both trainable too). I've focused on MAF so diligently over the years and the goal of that was to burn more fat rather than glycogen. Yesterday would have been a little better had I taken more calories, but I was OK with the 3 gels (honey actually, not gels). I am heading out here in a bit to do a similar run and am taking a bit more to eat.

Kerrie- Recover from what? A 25 mile jog? That run was barely a workout :)