Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Hill intervals

I caught some crap from a couple people for not posting pics of the camping trip. Here's a few. The third picture is of The Edge trail. It climbs up and runs along that entire ridge (the run takes over 6 hours FYI). The fourth picture is of Liv... my 1 year old.  

 I finished last week with the most running time ever for me AND spent 3 quality days with my wife and kids camping and touring. 
 Today I put the boys down for their nap baby jogger style, which makes their naps some of the most brutal minutes of my week. I ended up feeling quite motivated, a little edgy, and also quite good physically so I ran hill repeats up one of my neighborhood 'bumps'... a ~20% grade at 8600ft altitude. Simple idea- run max effort up the hill until I lost all power, then turn around and run down... repeat. I got 5 intervals between 1:00 and 1:45 in length. With a 100 pound stroller on that grade it was plenty. The downhills tend to be the most difficult both on my legs and my shoulders and arms and core and back.

We also had snow this morning and are forecast for 2 more days of cold and wet. Yes, I'm quite happy!


Brett said...

"I caught some crap from a couple people for not posting pics of the camping trip."
Damn dudes, give the man some personal space. Maybe you should sign up on twitter and let us know everytime you use the bathroom.

Lucho said...

Ha, thanks Brett. It was a good kind of crap I guess. When I start Twittering then I deserve a ton of bad crap.

wende said...

tweet or tweeting is the correct term I believe...come on Tim, sheesh! :) so if you have a twitter account and tweet, does that make you a twit?

Lucho said...

Ha! I'm a twit with out the tweetering.