Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Tempo run

7.75 miles in 59:44 with 1514 feet of climbing. My warm-up was jump rope and deep squats with 75 pounds. Then I jogged for 1 mile to loosen up then I ran around my neighborhood hard to one hour. Average HR 158/ max HR 171. We're completely socked in the clouds and up at 9200ft the visibility was maybe 10 feet and it was 34 degrees... perfect and peaceful.
 If the boys are up for it I may repeat this run with the double jogger just for kicks to see the conversion.

 Tomorrow and Thursday are tentatively planned as back to back 35 mile long runs. One flat and faster and the other with as much vertical as I can stand. After today I'll carry some fatigue in to these runs.

 And I counted up last week's vertical and I hit 22345 of climbing. A bit of that was with the double stroller too. 


Brett said...

Do your balls of steel set of metal detectors at the airport?

Lucho said...

Ha. That should read 'training balls of steel'... when it comes to racing they are still just wads of tissue.

Merrill said...

You only beat be by 16 seconds today - of course I ran 7.75 miles on a treadmill with zero incline at sea level.

Lucho said...

Treadmill? So your run was a ton harder! I had to 'endure' the boring and tedious mountain views and jeep roads through National Forest :) Treadmill is tough.