Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday... long again.

20 miles in 2:14:16. 6:43 pace.
The first 10 were relaxed and easy, the second 10 had a head wind for much of it.
HR averaged Zone 2 but was of course higher often.
 Over-all this was easier than the last time I did this run. Felt very little fatigue at the end but my groin and hamstrings ached from yesterday's snow plow/ trail fest.

And Ben has become my trainer. He takes his job very seriously. Here he is removing the screws (for snow running) from a pair of Adidas. He felt they would work better than the Nikes I had originally chosen. He thought the red made them faster and I think he was right. As I was heading out he said "Run fast Daddy!"... seriously. What more do I need!?!?


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wow I am humbled by your speed! I love distance running, but speed just hasn't caught up to me yet or wait maybe vice versa

Lucho said...

A- Ya, it's tough to catch it. I stopped by your blog... you're getting there! Keep it up!