Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday 19 mile Aerobic Test

19 miles in 2:06. 6:39 average pace. 155 average HR. I ran this on Coal Creek so it was quite flat and low altitude. The only goal was to run until I saw a drop off in pace in my Zone 2 HR range (148-158 which puts me 27-17 beats below my lactate threshold which is quite easy). I guessed I would see it 'pop' at mile ~8 or so but the drop off never happened, in fact I got faster. I went through half way at an average of 6:41 pace... so I negative split. Very little fatigue during or after but I would suspect a crash tomorrow.
1 liter of water in the hour before the run.
1.5 liters of Gatorade during the run with a Camelbak which is partly why I negative split. I started fresh with the weight of the pack (1.5L = 3.3 pounds). Then as the miles go by the Camelbak gets lighter but I remain fueled and hydrated. Think about that...


Matt said...

That's just plain strong.

Glad to see things are just purring right along . . .and no that is not some clever reference to the mountain lions in your vicinity.

Carry a gun. The gun gets lighter throughout the run via discharged rounds. Whatever.

Keep up the good work, coach.

Rick said...

Was there ever a drop off? Or, did you decide to stop after 19 miles?

Lucho said...

Thanks Matt. I don't have the right holster or a small handgun. That's funny though... gets lighter via discharged rounds.

Rick- Never a drop off. I had to be home by ~12:00 and wasn't expecting to run more than maybe 10 miles. I just wanted a quick test. I was able to push the (small) hills at the end and my HR wouldn't budge. My legs felt the flat terrain though! I had a tightness in my glutes from the never ending flat.

JK1 said...