Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Pretty funny blog here. He's currently 'live blogging' in one of his classes. Funny stuff and good writer.

Today was 11 miles up my regular route to 9000+ft. No watch but I'll call it 1:30 because that's nice and even. I felt freaking incredible. Tomorrow is a run down in Boulder with fellow $#@?& Tim Footfeathers Long.

 Spring seems to have arrived but I am reminded of last April when we had 51" of snow in 48 hours up here. One last hurrah like that would be great. The more snow we get the less risk we have of wild fires.


footfeathers said...

I prefer blogster.
You better freaking take it easy on me tomorrow. I don't want to die my first week back.

Lucho said...

ya, bloggite is kind of lame. No problem at all going easy tomorrow!

GZ said...

Jeez. This sucks. This post is so frakin boring. I much rather read about igloos.

Dave said...

So back when I first started doing the blog-thing back in September, I wrote an entire post about you (with picture!), titled Joghard:


It is funny how people are influences in life. At the Scar Top Race, I really admired your approach. I mean, you were obviously fast, but also carefree enough to wear a sombrero and still kick ass (and hug your kids afterward). My blog-stalking since then has shaped my training philosophy, and also provided some pretty great reading material. So thanks for that, and thanks for the link!

Lucho said...

GZ- Ya, I kinda agree. We still have about 2 feet of snow on the ground, maybe me and my boys can finish off the igloo.

Dave- Loved the blog post today! You crack me up. And thank you for the good word also!

footfeathers said...

bloggie? We need to talk tomorrow. I'll bring my blog rulebook and dictionary.

Lucho said...