Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 2:20

 2:20. My main goal today was to simply run more than GZ... he's killing it right now and it's motivating me to see it.
  Most of you will find this kooky. Today was maybe the best run of my life next to my 50 mile race. I'm not entirely sure how to explain it. In the 50 mile race I thought I felt a mind/ body connection, but during today's run I felt the same thing and it's more like a mind/ body disconnection. It was freezing cold with a cloud ceiling of maybe 8500ft, so I headed up in to the clouds and was completely socked in. I couldn't see more than maybe 50ft in front of me, like I was in bubble. Completely silent. Maybe this helped, but I found myself numb and it was just my brain that worked. Like I couldn't feel the road or my legs... there was just nothing there. I had the sensation of running but my body wasn't registering any of it. Almost like riding in a car and watching the miles go by. I was flying up some of the hills running at what would have felt 'hard' but I didn't feel it. I knew I should have but there was nothing. 15% grades at 9000ft were effortless. No fatigue, no sensation of effort at all. This description doesn't explain it well because I'm not sure what it was. "Beautiful" maybe? I don't even care how far I ran, I just want to know how to feel that again. 


Brett said...


Chris Lee said...

Congrats on a great run. Nice to see truly back in the hunt for Leadville.

I have felt a similar disconnect on skis and on a mountain bike, but never running...someday.

Brandon Fuller said...

2:20! I feel like I have to start putting in evening miles on the treadmill just to stay in the club.

wende said...

sounds like you had some sort of out of body experience, or maybe you found kind of an alternate universe up there? I'm for reallys! :D Whatever the explanation, its awesome that you had such a great run

Lucho said...

Brett- I quit last week once I hit race weight.

Chris- Thanks. When I figure it out I'll let you know.

B- Ya boy. You're slackin.

Thanks Sis.

Bill Russell said...

You're not alone. I've experienced this, usually on longer runs. I call it Dream Running.

Mary IronMatron said...

I was trying to think of a witty response, but I'm not in the zone.
eg the zone.
The thing is, it has to elude you, right? Because it wouldn't be beautiful if you knew the formula to get there... then you would always have it and it would lose its luster.
It's a gift when that happens.

Lucho said...

Dream running... exactly! That's a pretty good description.

MIM- I thought the same thing. Try to force it and it won't happen.