Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday group run

 This is looking back towards my house at the Wolf Moon.
Am)13.5 miles. Average HR 139/ average pace 7:2x. Easy fun jogging with GZ, JK1 and Bob... we actually got 'shushed' by a dude in a bath robe in his yard.

 An interesting challenge I heard of recently. To run 1 mile each day for 26 days in a row and see who can log the fastest marathon by cumulative time. Anyone want to give that a go? My marathon PR is 2:30... doubt I could beat that right now.


GZ said...

I will give it a go but I ain't chasing it. More than likely I am guessing it would be an effort sum north of three hours for me.

Thanks for this AM. That was fun. Not sure I will be in next week for Sat, but maybe Sun.

Lucho said...

Ya... that's why I used the word 'interesting'. Not sure I'm up for hammering 1 mile every day for a month. Maybe we could do just 100 meters over 422 days. The sad thing is that I still couldn't break Gebs record! :)