Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Bike 50:00 all relaxed. I feel yesterday's lift a little bit and the bike was perfect for recovery.
I went in to "the place of many people" today to grocery shop and stopped at the thrift store and bought another Camelbak, my 4th one, for Leadville. A new Camelbak bladder is about $30.00 and I bought an entire pack for $4.99 and it doesn't look used. For Leadville I'll switch Camelbaks at the aid stations.

And my foot feels 100%. I hopped (jump rope) single leg for 3 X 1:00 and I had zero pain or sensation. So, it wasn't a stress fracture but it might have become one if I hadn't rested. A stress fracture would take ~4-8 weeks to heal and then I still would have to go easy for another month.
Again (and listen up), I might have gotten a stress fracture had I not listened to my body...


Brett said...

I pulled a GZ and searched your blog and dug up this pace estimator post from back before the Dizzy Fifties.

Off by 6 minutes? That thing wasn't half bad!

Lucho said...

That was good... but the only problem is that I never pushed during the 50. With a little more experience I could have run ~6:20 on that day :)

JK1 said...

that's cool. I did 4x1:01 single leg...but who's counting.