Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weight lifting + 1:00 @ HR 140

Solid weight session. Things come back so quickly, I wish more people could grasp this. Every time I lift I am adding more weight in larger jumps. I did have a serratus anterior muscle cramp during military press which is exquisitely painful. That will leave a mark. I had flashbacks to Ironman when my intercostals would be ripped apart and it hurt to breath deeply for many days after the race. Loved it. I finished the set.
Then 1:00 on the elliptical at HR 140 average. The elliptical doesn't have any impact and it doesn't flex my metarsals so it should be OK for me. Plus I got to watch 'The View' to a Tool and disturbed soundtrack which is odd but 'The View' is actually watchable this way.


Dave said...

Do you think the elliptical is a better alternative to running than cycling is?
And I think listening to Tool and Disturbed is the ONLY way to watch "The View"! :)

Eric Bart said...


How much does one lose -vs- running conditioning by utilizing the eliptical for a couple of weeks? Can you equally substitute hours and stay close to running shape?



Lucho said...

Dave- Yes, with out doubt. The elliptical is much closer to running in movement. I think cycling can better help to balance a runners strength though and work the muscles that don't get used as often. In my case I want to avoid impact only, not avoid the running motion, so the elliptical works well. I will be biking a ton though to try to get strong.

Eric- I'll be able to tell you in a few weeks :) I'll be doing a MAF test the first few days back running so I'll be able to see. Of course I'm biking quite a bit now too and that will help to maintain basic aerobic fitness. But the cycling isn't run specific so it won't help a ton.

kerrie said...

soon you'll be posting about the great swim set you just did......

Lucho said...

Not a chance. For me there is no such thing as a 'great' swim set.

Matt said...

Brilliant, Tim.

And that's what I expect you to say in about a week when you take a sip.

Presently, I'm a stay-at-home servant (Jack's got his annual 2 week x-mas break) with a lot to do including the run walk efforts you prescribed to endure a cold.

"Racing" (participating in an organized run that costs a little $) starts 1/9. As usual, I'll be shadowing you so blog like a mutha!