Thursday, December 31, 2009


Weight lift. Hard full body. 1:00. With 4 X 1:00 each leg of single leg jump rope... my foot is ready to go. This is about the most violent thing you can do to a mid foot and it felt strong.
Elliptical 30:00 average HR 139.
Body weight today was 147# in clothes and shoes. I gained zero weight since my break started (and through the Holidays).
10 more days and my running break is over.


Mary IronMatron said...

I think your 2010 goal should be to execute things far less perfectly.
jk. :)
Glad your foot is begging for some pounding!

scott said...

Good work on reducing calorie intake. How long do you plan on sticking to the paleo diet? Also, what level of intensity do you jump rope?

Lucho said...

MIM- Ya, I'm different like that. Thanks!

Scott- Single leg jump rope. So I jump for 1:00 on one leg... it's intense. The true Paleo diet is not an athlete's diet, so once I build to higher running volume it will have to gravitate away.

BRFOOT said...

Tim how tall are you?

Lucho said...