Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Video of where I live.

First things first... my beard. Right now it's lame, but here's where it's heading. Notice the glove tanline? I was training for Ironman here which is why I look wasted.

On Friday I ran a route that effed me up... I run part of this course somewhat frequently because it's close to our house. It goes by the wolves. On Saturday I shot video of some of the course.


Dave said...

Are all the roads around you like the one from the first video? I'm so jealous, all we've got here is pavement, pavement, and more pavement...ugh.

Random question: do you still have any pics of that night splint you made? I remember seeing them in a post a while back. How did you make it and did it work? Just wondering because I really don't want to spend the money to buy one of those splint/sock things.


Lucho said...

Dave- It's about 90% dirt roads. They are maintained very well too. The roads in the video are are why I got frustrated at having to run Chicago. There are no flat spots anywhere.
You probably don't need a night splint yet if your plantar is a fascist. Dig in to your calf and see if there is knot or if your calf is tight. PF is often times caused by tightness in the lower leg causing constant tension on the fascist in the foot, which then leads to PF.
The boot didn't work that well but it was fun to play McGyver.
I've had PF twice in the past and was able to get rid of it by keeping my calf loose with very frequent deep massage and gentle stretching. Also consider supporting the arch a little while it heals with tape or something like SuperFeet or a generic arch support.

Mary IronMatron said...

I think I need to do a similar video post of where I live. It's just so much more scenic and beautiful than where you live, you know? I'd make that video, but I'd be afraid you'd be jealous or something. Suburban Boston is just so breathtaking... really.
The beard def. adds to the man of the mountains look. I probably shouldn't grow one since I live out here in civilization. ;)

Lucho said...

I used to live in Seattle, and I have to say that living in a city with a lot of 'personality' is awesome. There are a lot of challenges living in mountains. But ya, it's awesome up here. You should do a video! It's for sure harder to train where you live (IMO) so respect to you.
Your face is great, don't grow a beard :)

Joe Reger said...

dude, lovin' the beard vision... and lovin' the run vlogging. mentioned you in one of my runs from yesterday: http://www.vimeo.com/8232007 around 5:39.