Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday 23 miles.

23 miles with 5500ft of climbing. Average HR 140. Crap... I'm knackered. I sort of fell apart towards the end of this and my hamstring started to hurt, then my calf, then my foot. I've run this route before and that last ~7 miles is a bitch. I'm not posting my pace per mile. I want to keep some level of dignity.


andy said...

Hey Lucho have been following your blog and find your runs inspiring! Keep it up.

Your bad days are my best days

Take care

Lucho said...

I totally get that. I used to train with Simon Lessing a bit and when he was having a horrible day it was a good thing to see. It's nice to know that everyone has bad days.
I am messed up right now. Limping and about to fall over tired... nauseous and hungry which is frustrating.
You should be having the best day ever!

Bret said...

I'm like Andy and I've followed your blog for a bit. Hope you feel better running soon. You have an awesome blog and your animal pictures are great. Have fun on the run.

Lucho said...

Bret- I'm sorry, but I don't plan on having too many bad days, so enjoy this while you can :)
I have eaten nearly everything in the house except the cat (he hides when I look haggard) and feel ready to go again.

Rick said...

Are days like this expected when on the paleo diet? Seems like 23/5,500 is alot on a diet like that.

Lucho said...

Rick- I think that was the main problem in regards to my energy. The muscle breakdown wasn't. Paleo needs to be modified for an athlete and I definitely need to tweak it. The altitude also has to be considered.