Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday party prep

Beer table

No jogging, but I shoveled the drive for the 5th time in 2 days. We have very high winds today and it's moving the snow around. We're having a party tonight so I also shoveled 3 additional parking spaces, plus most of the 400sqft deck which had easily 3ft of snow on it. Then my neighbor started shoveling his driveway and since I was warmed up, I helped him. Funny thing- while picking up the living room I noticed that I have become blind to toys on the floor. I would be walking through and there would be a toy in the middle of the room I hadn't seen. Right smack in the middle of the room and I missed it. In a few hours we'll have 10 little kids tearing the place up carving pumpkins.


Meg Runs said...

FALL! Have fun with the kiddos. The carving is the best part of the whole holiday. Your run looked cold today, was it today? When you had a frozen face? Brrrrr.

IronMatron said...

Ten kids and knives? You are tres brave!
We're doing that tonight too--but only four kids. And three are mine!

Lucho said...

Meg (Kara Goucher) runs- Cold? What's that?

MIM- I'm more worried about the 8 beer drinking dads. Have a great time!

chr15 said...

You don't become blind to the lone roller skate, or matchbox car. Woah!!!

Have a great party!

Lucho said...

Ha chr15... no doubt. I've stepped on a Lightening McQueen matchbox car. It lights up your world!

Brad Poppele said...

Love your Beer table! That's a lot of snow. No snow here in Wisconsin yet but will get plenty soon enough. Thanks for the suggestions the other day.