Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday 13 miles

am) Early run as the sun was thinking about making an appearance. 13 miles and today it took a bit of an effort to elevate HR. Average was 142/ max 152. I held just over 8:00 pace which is solid up here and the course had 2 hills of over 1 mile that peak out at ~18% grades. Got home in time to take the boys out sledding. Liv was bundled up in a mummy suit and we built him a lounge chair out of snow. Ben is fearless and insisted on going alone every time.

I am considering running again before we go trick or treating, but I will admit it would only be so I could get 100 miles for the week. I am dressing as Vincent Van Gough and Jo (my wife) is going as Starry Night. Ben is a dragon and Liv is an ice cream cone.


FatDad said...

Sweet costume idea.
Happy Holloween, wolf bait!

GZ said...

Vincent Van Gogh? So I got to know how you pulled the ear off (pun intended).

Sorry I did not get to see you this weekend (running, pumpkin carving, whatever).

Saw this blog post and the pic had me think of you:

Lucho said...

We trick or treated up at 9000ft. Brutal. 20+mph winds and icy roads walking through neighborhoods.

I have almost the same picture, but mine is a mountain lion (I think). Odd that there was one track though, lone wolves aren't too common.

GZ said...

Don't wolves track in the same footprints behind each other so that you can't get their count?

Lucho said...

No, that's Sand People. That's how Obi-wan knew it was Imperial Troopers that killed the Jawas.