Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday in pictures

I took the boys to Cottonwood Farms in Boulder and we bought pumpkins and played in the mazes. I won the 'terrible idea' award and took Ben in to the corn maze with Liv in the baby jogger. The baby jogger would barely roll and Ben got away. Momentary nervousness when you realize your toddler is gone in a 1 acre corn maze. Luckily he hit a dead end and I got him coming back. The hay maze was more my speed.

Oliver excited to head out


Corn maze

Dead end

Coming back

Hay maze


Flatirons Vista, this is the last thing you see before driving up the canyon where I live. That's Boulder on the horizon.


Side shot of the Flatirons through wildfire scarred trees

Burned tree

Looking down on the road where the jogger was


Huge ranch at the base of the Blue Mountains. From my home I look at this mountain range from the other side. This is where 200 cougars have been spotted this year.

Not really a very welcoming looking moose.


Anonymous said...

awesome pics! hold on to 'em boys.

GZ said...

Ain't it grand?

kerrie said...

we should have talked....lucie and i were there on thursday and had a blast! i'm really not brave enough for the corn maze though...
great pics - i forgot my camera...