Thursday, October 1, 2009


2:40. Avg HR 142. From home to beyond El Dorado Springs and back. I headed out to simply run until I felt tired and then I would turn around. I turned around well before I felt anything, the chicken in me started to get nervous since I hadn't brought any fluid or nutrition. I made it almost to Flatirons Vista trail head running somewhat easy at MAF HR. No idea on the distance, maybe 19 miles.
This was fun and is what I want to do now. Cancelling Chicago is like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. The guilt I had felt from sacrificing time and energy for a race I lost interest and heart in, isn't there when I'm doing something my heart is in to. I began to dread training for Chicago and didn't care whether or not I ran fast which made me feel horrible for the sacrifices my family was making, simply so I could do a race I didn't really care about.
If I'm going to be selfish it had better be for something that makes me happy.

I had blood tests done yesterday and I'm solid. Hematocrit is 45.5 and iron and ferritin were solid. When I lived in Lafayette at 5400ft elevation though my hematocrit was 49 and my iron levels were lower. I'm not an armchair hematologist, more like on a pillow on the floor hematologist so I'm not sure if any of this matters really, except that I'm far from anemic.


IronMatron said...

That is a gorgeous vista. I must admit I really liked that squirrel, though.
Is that like a Rocky Mountain squirrel? They don't look that in the east!
Glad the Chicago thing worked out and you feel good about it.

Lucho said...

IM- That was an Aberts squirrel and we have them up here. I grew up with the big brown/ red squirrels which I think is what you have also. The Aberts is really small and hard to see so I stole that picture off the web.