Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday 20 miles

We went to a birthday party in Boulder this afternoon so I decided to run to the party and meet my family there. I went through Walker and over Eldorado and in to Boulder. I saw my herd of elk by Walker and am glad they have come down for the Winter. I'll try to get some picks of the bulls tomorrow but pics won't do them justice, they are truly magnificent. Something about running by a large herd of elk makes you feel amazing.
Today had quite a bit of uphill, lots of downhill too though. I started at 8200ft and ended at 5500ft. I need a lot of work on my technical descending so this was good. No fatigue to speak of. I did get a blister though- my first in maybe 5 years? I ran about half of my 15 Ironmans with out socks and even then I only got mild blisters once in a while, save one year when the ground temperature was measured at nearly 140 degrees. I think my feet simply cooked. Today I wore my old Lunar Trainers that are completely worn out. The inside has a tear in the liner and I got a blister right where the tear is. Duct Tape should let me get a few hundred more out of them.


Gigs said...

Do you think you will ever return to your goal of sub 2:30?

Lucho said...

I don't know. I've run fast enough to satisfy that craving. All I know now is that I want a challenge that lets me train in the mountains and explore trails and push myself in a way that I was made to. My biggest week training for Ironman was 49 hours and it didn't hurt. Now I want to go long.
Thanks for the good question Gigs.
ps- I've been known to change my mind according to my mood of the minute though, so I'll never say never.