Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday run until tired

I parked my car on Tolland Road and ran with the goal of just turning around when I got tired. Once I crested the Continental Divide and was heading down to Winter Park however, I became a little nervous since I hadn't taken any water or food. I started somewhere around 8500ft and passed a sign that read 11600ft then ran down the other side another bit. It was cool to see (what used to be called) the Summit Express ski lift come out of nowhere (since I didn't know where I was it literally came out of nowhere). I used to work on that lift way back in another life. I could see all the ski runs that I had spent a million hours skiing and biking on. I made it back to the car still not feeling any fatigue. I won't be mapping the distance of this run and I didn't wear a watch. But who cares really, the views were spectacular and I felt good.
And after a little map looking I see that ran over Rogers Pass at 11800ft. Here is a picture looking back at where I ran to get where I was which is where the picture is taken from.


cdnhollywood said...

Man, I wish I could run there - it's gorgeous, and it beats my urban/suburban sprawl views I'm surrounded with. Then, on another level, I wish I could run at altitude. And on yet another level, I wish I was physically capable of running at that altitude. :D

You're doing amazing!

Lucho said...

Thanks Hollywood!

Dave said...

Must've been an awesome run! I'm convinced that those runs do something for us that's inexplainable (unexplainable?). They are something I definately want to focus on this coming winter.
That's an amazing view! I gotta get off of Long Island! I really don't see what's keeping me here anyway. :)
Random question: Do you still have that single speed 29er? I just got one the other day-totally rigid-and I LOVE the thing! I went out on it for a little bit today and didn't want to get off it! It's like the perfect bike!


Lucho said...

Dave- Yes, the 1 X 29er is the bomb! I was blown away by the difference between 29 and 26. Unfortunately I now live in the hills and need to buck up for a smaller chainring. I have a 42 on it now. That gear makes my knees creak now that I'm not a solid cyclist any longer. Excellent that you got one! I bought a frame off of e-bay which has to be worse than Dick's!? When I worked at Safeway they had a giant band saw for cutting meat... it was called "The Meat Saw". I always wanted to name a bike that :)

dude said...

God dammit!!



My life rocks :)

Lucho said...

Damn Dude. That's a sea of people. We have a spare bedroom anytime you want to get away. I thought the yesterday photo was going to be me in my split shorts... in which case a sea of people is better!

Markus+Uli said...

I leave those to be posted by you.
Am considering or wherever these hangouts are.

thx for the offer!


Lucho said...

I would suggest :)

Markus+Uli said...

You don't know how close I am to posting these there.

"Split Shorts or Tights?"

Lucho said...

Go for it. Split side speedoskirts are useless. Compression shorts are more comfortable and have a function. Especially white camo compression shorts.

Fred (aka ace) said...

Amazing run and pix. Awesome. Just awesome on all counts!

Lucho said...

Thanks Ace!