Friday, September 11, 2009


am) 7 miles in my neighborhood.

Looking towards Magnolia and Longs

The Aspen are changing already!

The back of Eldorado with Denver and Kansas beyond that.

One of our neighbors. There's an outhouse too.

My house is just below this house. You can see a few of the roads I run on. The bare spot in the middle left of the pic is Walker Ranch and the mountain is Eldorado State Park.

Kind of a trail.

Jeep trail?

Our neighbor across the street with Golden Gate Canyon State Park in the background.


Lee said...

Lucho, how often do you run on trails, and how rocky/difficult are the trails that you frequent? Do you find that trail running helps your open marathon running at all? I would imagine it would make a runner stronger. I would be interested in your thoughts (maybe you've written about it already?).

We just moved to Colorado Springs after living in NYC for 12 years. The difference in running terrain is night and day (in such a good way!), but I am discovering that running here is definitely more of a challenge because the trails are very rocky. Aside from the hit to my ego (going from running easy at 7:30m/m in NYC to 8:30m/m+ in CS is humbling!) I love it here!

Lucho said...

Awesome Lee! I have never run in CS but I hear good things about it. I run on single track trails maybe once every 3 weeks? I have hundreds of miles of challenging dirt roads to run on right out my door. I kind of prefer the roads (the dirt roads are very quiet and super hilly)to single track. I've been wanting to run more trails but I think I'll wait until after Chicago. I don't think technical single track is good for a fast marathon on flat pavement. Maybe once in a while as a recovery run, but doing too much would kill your ability to run at a specific effort/ pace. A flat fast marathon is about repetition of movement in a very specific way. On single track you never are able to settle in to a rhythm for an extended period of time. Once in a while it's ok, but I wouldn't run a majority of miles on trails.

JK1 said...

Hum... that's exactly what I was going to say... :)

yea- rode to Braynard Lake on Wednesday- lots of aspen changing already... yikes...