Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday 19 miles

Uli the great Mzungo joined me, or maybe I joined him? for a long run this morning. Neither of us felt very good heading in to a planned 12 miles easy followed by ~8-10 at goal marathon effort. We were both flexible and hit 10 miles easy then roughly 4-5 miles at goal pace with a bit of easy jogging to finish. My first few miles were spot on pace and even faster at times, then it started to get difficult to hold pace and I wasn't feeling good enough to 'race' the last few miles.
This Sunday I'm racing a half marathon on (roughly) the same course we ran this morning. I should run anywhere from 51:34 to 6:45:01. It will depend on how good I feel.

Yesterday was 2 X 4 mi easy.


brian said...

What the he!!, I like pools - $2 on 1:13:06

GZ said...

Sweet cream butter.

Good lesson here ... you must play CTF the night before all harder sessions.

Lucho said...

Brian- I hope I don't run a 1:13. That would be a bad sign for Chicago!

GZ- I'm trying to organize a CTF pick up game the night before Chicago. Something to be said for not resting too much!

Fred (aka ace) said...

Wow, that's a pretty big range! But what the heck, you'll probably "jog hard" and bust a 51:30 thus negating the pool. :) Run well!

Lucho said...

If I feel good, I might as well get every world record between the 2 mile and the 1/2 marathon all in one race :)

Anonymous said...

Race it, then run it backwards and get your sub 2:30 with no pressure.


brian said...

I probably should look at the link guessing a time. I had assumed it would be on one of your mountain goat paths at no oxygen elevation.

Have a good race.

Lucho said...

Brian- I haven't raced any long trail races... yet. But I see the compliment now! Thanks! A 1:13 on a Mt. Goat trail would be sweet. Thanks!

Eric- Hmmmm. Interesting thought. Split 1:11/ 1:19... tough!