Saturday, September 5, 2009


I picked up Uli from (he has pics from the workout on his site) and met GZ and Justin at the track. GZ and Justin are recovering from hard racing so they ran laps... A LOT of laps while Uli and I did the workout. 3 mile warm-up with the last mile as 200 at goal pace on 200 jog. This was one of the first track workouts I've done this year where the warm up paces felt very simple despite being too fast. My legs felt good. Then:
2 miles in 10:34
2 miles in 10:36
2 miles in 10:30
2 miles in 10:27
400 jog between each with a bit of extra standing and laughing.
The third rep felt the easiest, probably because Steve Jones was track side watching a few of his athletes. Something about the guy... he seems to give energy. Plus you don't want to look like a wuss in front of a legend. The only time I felt pressed was on the last 400 of the last 2 miles, otherwise these felt quite comfortable. Uli saw first hand how horrible I am at sensing my pace as the first 200 of every interval I went out too quick. Uli is like a human GPS. Thanks for coming out guys, huge help!


GZ said...

You looked awesome.

Not as awesome as some that were there. But pretty damn awesome.

But not that kind of awesome.

Hey - thanks for coming last night. That was super awesome.

Lucho said...

Did you see the pics on Mzungo? There's no disputing who looked awesomest.
I told my wife that I'm going to petition for another GZ capture the flag potluck night. Seriously, the funnest time I've had in years. Thank you!

GZ said...

We might have to go league with CTF (TG recommendation). PED testing for those kids though. Like you said, some of them are popping performances that are not right.

Quite the carnival out there this AM.

Lucho said...

Ha! Peds for a 10 year old is Kool-aid and cookies... rocket fuel for them. CTF seems more fun than soccer to me? I never played soccer but last night was crazy. John amazed me.
There were what... 60 people at the track? I still think you should have taken out one of the football players.

Markus+Uli said...

Thanks to you guys, good fun!
I've sent a link of my album to Lucho and asked him to fwd it to you. Some good crotch shots of him. I know you like that.



Lucho said...

Hey... who TOOK the pictures!? I think the pics of the girls bums is just a cover.

Pantheon said...

Good to hear that you guys had some fun up there...

Keep it coming!


Justin Mock said...

Chicago Top 100 list:

Lucho said...

Wow... that's like seeing my name spelled in crap stains in a toilet.